Registering a company using S24 Portal as a way to register a company quickly and easily, but are you sure? Here is a practical guide what to keep in mind when registering a company via S24

Since 1 January 2012 the Commercial Companies Code allows to establish partnerships and companies by means of template agreements included in the S24 Portal without leaving home.

The S24 portal has been in operation for several years and is quite popular, however despite many advantages and efforts to improve its functionality, it is not perfect and several problems may arise during the registration process, of which a person setting up a company for the first time may not be aware, and which will make it difficult or even impossible to register a company using the S24 portal. Below we present examples of the most common errors in the form of an open catalog.

Failure to check the name of a newly established company in the National Court Register

The first step to be taken in order to register a company via S24 Portal is to check whether the name of the company which you plan to register has not been disclosed in the National Court Register. If we start the process of registration of a new company with an existing name, S24 Portal will not automatically indicate that the entity we are registering "already exists" in KRS. As a consequence, KRS will reject an application for registration of an already existing company and will forfeit the registration fee.

Omission of attachment of the so-called external documents, which are not automatically generated by the S24 Portal.

The S24 Portal does not offer all document templates that are necessary to register a company. Some of the documents, such as: a statement of an address for service, a statement whether the company is a foreigner, a list of persons entitled to appoint the management board, a statement of consent to be appointed to the management board, should be prepared on your own, as they are not generated by the S24 Portal. External files can be attached by clicking "Load" in the "Attach external document" field. Then choose the type of document you want to attach from the list.

System error while loading external files

When you try to attach external files using S24 Portal, it may turn out that their attachment is impossible and an error message appears on the S24 Portal page. This may be due to an incorrect format of the external file. Permitted extensions accepted by S24 Portal are PDF, doc, docx, odt or txt. Another reason for the error when attaching external documents may be too long names of external files or the use of Polish characters in file names. If the error occurs, please shorten the file names and remove the Polish characters from the file names, after doing this the external file should be attached without any problems.