Immediate securing of a monetary claim for the benefit of a client of the Law Firm Skurska Pakuła

It took 8 days for the Skurska Pakuła Law Firm's Litigation Team to obtain a decision on securing a monetary claim before filing a lawsuit for the amount of over PLN 2.5 million against a large joint-stock company from the medical market. The Regional Court in Katowice shared the arguments put forward by the Law Firm and secured the claim in its entirety by seizing receivables from bank accounts and receivables due to the obligor from the National Health Fund.

Obtaining the security in such a short time required not only substantive knowledge and the use of procedurally available solutions, but also the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Litigation Team.

After obtaining and executing the security, when the threat connected with the financial situation of the Client's adversary has been eliminated, it remains to focus on the substantive dispute with the Client's adversary as a result of a lawsuit filed by the Law Firm.

On behalf of the Law Firm the proceedings are conducted by legal advisor Magdalena Włodarczyk, who heads the Litigation Team, in cooperation with partner legal advisor Bogna Pakuła.